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LIFT-SAFELY Baby cot wedge bespoke size 63cm wide 50cm long 0>15cm

LIFT-SAFELY Baby cot wedge bespoke size 63cm wide 50cm long 0>15cm

reflux wedge

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Paediatricians often recommend that parents elevate the head area of baby's cot to help baby breathe easier and rest more comfortably after eating. Our LIFT-SAFELY cot wedge can help by raising baby's head to a more comfortable position, both for easier breathing and better digestion. Just as a pillow works for an adult, this wedge helps reduce the nasal congestion that results when a baby lies absolutely flat. This is especially important when your child has a cold. LIFT-SAFELY wedge is the simple and ingenious solution to the problem. Simply position the wedge under the sheet at the head of the cot to gently elevate baby's head and upper body. Best of all, your baby will breathe easier and feel better. Fantastic for babies with acid reflux.

LIFT-SAFELY is available in a variety of sizes (please make selection at checkout) & can be made to measure to fit the exact width of your mattress. The wedge is 40 cm. long and rises by 7.6 cm. Maximum width available is 74 cm. Remember to always lie your baby on their back to sleep as advised by FSIDS.

  • Babies breathe easier
  • Aids sleeping
  • Improves digestion
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit the width of your cot
  • Quilted & removable washable cover
  • Fire retardant foam
  • It is estimated that approximately 60% of babies are born with Acid Reflux every year.  It is most often found in premature and multiple birth babies.

    There are many different symptoms of Acid Reflux (GER). Your child may only have a few of these. The most common symptoms include:

      • pain, irritability, constant or sudden crying that goes on for long periods, "colic"
      • frequent spitting-up or vomiting
      • vomiting or spitting-up more than one hour after eating
      • refusing food or accepting only a few bites even though hungry
      • baby only stops crying when held upright
      • constant eating and drinking
      • poor sleeping habits, frequent waking
      • intolerance of certain foods
      • poor weight gain; weight loss
      • swallowing problems, gagging, choking
      • hoarse voice or cries
      • respiratory problems; pneumonia, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma, nighttime cough, apnea, aspiration, noisy or laboured breathing
      • ear infections
      • constantly running nose; sinus infections
      • excessive salvation, drooling
      • peculiar neck arching
      • constant stuffy nose or milk coming out of the nose
      • sour milk breath

    For an accurate diagnosis consult your doctor. 

    Research has found that positioning the baby at a 30 degree angle after feeding helps to keep acids down naturally.



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