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Window treatments in baby's bedroom

blue dotty roller blind
Window treatments are key parts of nursery design. They control how much light comes into the room and may block the light completely when the baby needs to sleep. Patterns on curtains and blinds can enhance the overall décor and atmosphere in a nursery.


Firstly, examine the type of glass in the window of the room you intend to use as a nursery. Even newly built homes may have surprisingly weak window panes. Change the window pane to tempered glass or Plexiglass so that it doesn`t shatter in case a toddler falls against it, or even throws a toy at it.

Ensure that you install windows that only open from the top. As a temporary measure, you may be able to stop an older window opening to far from the bottom. But this only works for a baby. Inquisitive toddlers will always find a weak spot on a low window.

If the nursery is on the second or higher storey of a house, it is important to install guards or locks on the windows. Guards are a necessity even on a new window that opens from the top. But make sure that the keys to these locks are close to hand just in case of a fire and the window is an escape route.


Don`t use window screens in a nursery. These may work in parts of the kitchen to stop insects and leaves coming into the house. But a toddler will always press his face against the screen to see outside, especially if he can see or hear a parent or a pet. Window screens made of apparently soft mesh can also cut a child`s face.


Everyone wants their nursery curtains to blend in with the rest of the nursery décor. Some parents even stretch their budgets to make sure that the bed covers and curtains match. The importance of curtains is in their length and safety.

Never hang full length curtains in nursery windows and certainly do not allow lengths of curtain material to form a puddle on the floor. A crawling baby can tug at them and become entangled. Avoid all form of loose hanging string or handles on curtains of shorter lengths.


Window blinds are the most effective way of controlling light in a nursery. Children often cannot take a nap during the day if they see the sun is still shining. Blackout blinds can simulate night-time. They can be made of a material that is easy to clean and can add some vibrant decoration to a room.

Incorrectly designed blinds can be a major hazard in nurseries. Free hanging cords pose a major strangulation risk for toddlers. Even cords that appear to be secured out of the reach of children at 1.6 metres above floor level may not be as safe as they seem. Children may be able to climb on a window sill and reach for the strings. Alternatively, adults sometime forget to wrap the cord around its holder and may leaving it hanging.

Cordless roller blinds are the best solution for nurseries as they eliminate all loose attachments. These can be pulled or lifted into position. Remotely controlled blinds are an even better option.
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