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Travel Cot Mattresses

babystart 99 x 69 cm mattress

If you have a lifestyle where you travel a lot, if you live in small flat, or maybe your baby sleeps over at grandma's house quite often, you may end up using a travel cot for your baby.

Travel cots are ideal for mobile lifestyles or for people who need to regularly move their child around. They are smaller than standard cots, which also makes them a good option if you don’t have a lot of room. If you do already have a travel cot then you will need to purchase a suitable travel cot mattress as they are never included with the purchase of the cot. Standard cot mattresses are sized for cots in standard dimensions. Travel cot mattresses are smaller. However, we make any size of travel cot mattress whether it is to fit a Graco, Mothercare, Samsonite etc. etc. You should be aiming for a very snug fit mattress in your travel cot and it is still very important that the mattress fits properly.

Travel cot mattresses can be made in different ways, just like standard cot mattresses can. You can choose fom all of our mattress fillings and coverings and they can be any depth from 2.5 cm right up to 10 cm. The most common type which we sell is the 5 cm deep foam version of the mattress. Foam travel cot mattresses tend to weigh less and be less of a hassle to move around than other types of crib mattresses, which makes them popular. We can even include aprotective carry case with them if they fold away into two or even four parts.

You shouldn’t be looking to buy a really thin and lightweight mattress for your travel cot. That would defeat the object of making the cot a comfortable sleeping area for your baby. Keep in mind that the highest quality foam travel cot mattresses tend to be those made from 25 or higher density foam (as ours are). These ones are denser, firmer, and generally hold up better with lots of use. They provide the best support for your growing baby. Babies don’t always sleep properly without proper support, and on a softer mattress your baby may injure his or herself or only sleep for short periods of time.

Finally, there is the issue of size. A travel cot mattress needs to fit snugly into your travel cot frame in order for it to be safe. You need less than 2 cm.of space between the frame and the edge of the mattress (the less the better). If there is more room than that, the mattress is unsafe and the baby could become trapped or injured. A standard size mattress mattress will not be any good because it will simply be too large to fit into the sleeping area of the travel cot.

Finding a great mattress for your travel cot isn’t too challenging if you keep these factors in mind. A travel cot mattress will give you increased convenience. You are looking to maximise convenience for yourself and the safety and comfort for your baby, so make sure the mattress you choose is the perfect size and of an excellent quality.

If you aren't sure of the size you need - that's no problem. Just contact us or search our website. We have a wealth of knowledge about travel cot mattresses, both older models and current ones and we will almost certainly be able to advise you of the size you require.

We have everything from a basic mattress that folds away for convenience, right up to a luxury travel cot mattress made from natural fillings such as organic cotton and lambswool.

For any help or advice at all please contact us here at Baby & Children's Mattresses Online.

T: 01254 777603


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