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The Best iPhone Apps for Busy Mums

Price: £2.99

Aside from keeping Ms Frost in your pocket at all times, ‘etv online’ in association with ‘Supernanny’ has created a handy app so that all stressed parents can emerge out of the tantrums a winner. Following on from the show’s iconic ‘Naughty Step’, the ‘Naughty Step timer’ will monitor how long your child has remained in isolation, along with how long they should stay there according to age.

Total Baby
Price: £2.99

Total Baby has been christened as the ‘Number 1 Baby Logging and Tracking App’ for a very good reason: it’s one of the most complete apps for keeping track of just about everything to do with your newborn. This app allows you to keep all of your child’s important information at the touch of a button, including their last doctor’s appointment and vaccination dates.

In addition to logging, the other main benefit of Total Baby is its separate timing options, which allow you to time things like nappies, feeding and sleeping at the same time, as well as allowing you to create your own personal timers.

Baby Monitor & Alarm
Price: £1.79

The very clever people at the Tappy Tapps factory have created an app that ensures you will never miss the moment your baby wakes up, with a unique monitoring system that boasts no range limit. The moment your phone registers a noise in your nursery the app will call you on any pre-selected number.

This is intended as an aid and by no means substitutes real care. Cheaper than a normal baby monitor, the only potential faults are the fact that you will have to keep your phone on all evening- which could require the use of a charger and means surrendering your mobile at bed-time.

Price: £2.39

Written by a practicing obstetrician, this handy app for all expectant mums includes a detailed due date calculator, along with a system that tracks the time until your next major milestone and a progress bar showing you exactly how far from the ‘delivery safety zone’ you are.

Along with making sure your little one is doing well, the Weight Gain Analysis tab is there to ensure your bump is growing at the right speed, with information on how much you should be gaining each week.

Peek-A-Boo Baby Rattle
Price: Free

Unless you come fully equipped with an onslaught of toys at all times, occasionally you can become caught out with nothing to entertain a crying little one except your car keys or your terrific range of impressions. The Peek-A-Boo Baby Rattle is designed for such occasions, helping you to turn your iPhone into a brightly coloured and noisy distraction.

Loaded with ten different cartoon animals, your child can shake the rattle to hear real farm-yard noises that will hopefully help to soothe any unhappy babies.

Charmin: Sit Or Squat
Price: Free

To help ease the worries of panic-stricken parents trawling unknown shopping centres for the nearest loo, this clever and novel app lists the nearest public restroom to your location, with information such as opening hours, prices and whether there are changing facilities available.With over 65,000 toilets listed globally, the Charmin-sponsored app is essential for families needing a portable potty, especially since it is absolutely free to download.

White Noise
Price: £1.19

Recommended by a host of magazines over the pond, the White Noise app boasts a plethora of ambient sounds to help soothe you and your little one to sleep and saves you investing in any expensive and non-portable sleep machines.

Offering 40 free relaxing including Heavy Rain, Clothes Dryer and Thunder you can even create your own sounds be combining the existing samples or spice things up by choosing your own playlists for the evening.

Price: £0.59

Far from a tracking app designed simply to keep tabs on whether your child is really where they say they are; iCurfew aims to build two-way trust between parent and child by allowing the check-in to be mutual. Kids are encouraged to quickly and easily email their location to your phone and as the links are un-editable you get reassurance that it’s the truth.

Also handy for parents who are the designated cab drivers, you can get easy directions to your child’s location using Google Maps, making it even easier to pick them up (don’t thank us all at once).

baby monitor, the only potential faults are the fact that you will have to keep your phone on all evening- which could require the use of a charger and means surrendering your mobile at bed-time.









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