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Summer Night Time. Courtesy of Little Routines


At last summer is here and the days are warmer. This means the nights are warmer too.

Your little one will now need lighter bedtime clothes and layers. It is very easy to forget about adjusting your baby's clothing at night time.

If your baby wears a vest and babygro or nightie and is swaddled to sleep then you will need to remove a layer. Your baby doesn't need a vest on now and a single layer cotton cellular blanket is plenty. If it is a hot day then your baby will be warm enough in just a vest and swaddle wrap.

Maybe you have an older baby who is now sleeping in their cot and possibly in a sleeping bag. If you do, then please read the tog rating of the sleeping bag carefully. It should also give you a guide as to the correct layers to put your baby in, according to the tog rating and room temperature. If you are unsure, I have put a guide on my website for you to refer to.

It is very difficult to guess the temperature of your baby's room, so I suggest that you always use a room thermometer. Very often the bath thermometer also acts as a room one, which is very handy. Baby monitors also have the temperature on them.

Babies shouldn't sleep in a draught so do be careful if you have a window open at night. Just make sure your baby is not directly by the window.

A good idea would be to buy a fan. It really can get quite hot in the summer and it is so often the bedrooms that heat up during the day. There are some very effective, quiet fans on the market so do have a look before they sell out!

Pull the blackout blind and curtains during the day. This will certainly help to keep your baby's room cooler.

If you don't have a black out blind and you are wondering why your baby isn't sleeping in the evenings or is waking early in the morning, this may be the reason why! Pop it on your shopping list now. You can buy a black out roller blind very easily and cheaply. It may be a good idea to line the curtains too. If you only want a temporary solution there are some travel black out blinds that work really well.

A hot baby is a miserable baby so keep your baby cool and everyone can have a good nights sleep. 

6th July 2015, 9:26
Page updated 5th Oct 2015, 13:25
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