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Sleep Like a Baby with Baby Mattresses Online!


At Baby Mattresses Online, we are always promoting the benefits of healthy sleep for babies and children and we’d like to thank you for your emails sharing your happy experiences of our custom cot mattresses. Of course, getting a good night’s sleep is just as important for us grownups and it turns out that there is a lot we could be learning from our little ones. Check out our top four tips for better sleep!

Bedtime Routines

Whether you are eight days or eighty years old, you need to have a regular bedtime routine that is going to relax and get you ready to sleep. Starting about half an hour before bedtime, try to follow a series of steps in the same way each night - putting on pyjamas, brushing teeth etc. Avoid phones, computers and television as this will lower stress levels and allow drowsy chemicals to flood the body.

Be Consistent

Humans have a natural, inbuilt biological rhythm known as the circadian system, which begins to work properly at around the age of six months. The associations and habits which we form around sleep - the sights, smells and sounds of our bedtime environment - form part of how this rhythm works and, if these are constantly changing, bad sleep can result. Adults who fall asleep with the lights on or in front of the television are likely to wake up in the night, as are babies who are allowed to fall asleep outside of their cot and then transferred while asleep, disturbing the circadian rhythm.

Get the Time you Need

Studies into children’s sleep were famously carried out at Stanford, with researchers restricting sleep time to just four hours - most of the children would still not admit to feeling sleepy. In adults, it can be difficult for us to accurately judge our tiredness level too - research subjects sleeping between 4-6 hours per night showed declines in cognitive functions yet many said they only felt ‘slightly sleepy’ and that they did not feel their cognitive functions to be affected. Between 7 and 9 hours is recommended so set your bedtime based on this, not on your own feelings of sleepiness!

Turn the Lights Down

Melatonin, a chemical involved with the process of falling to sleep, rises with the circadian rhythm in the evening and a rise in the levels of this chemical occurs as a newborn baby’s system develops. The many sources of artificial light have a direct effect on our melatonin levels as the brain is tricked into believing it is still daytime - dimming the lights an hour before bedtime will solve the problem.

Please send us your emails - we love to hear from our customers! Got any baby sleep tips? Tell us about your experiences with our bespoke baby mattresses, nursing cushions and more!

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