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Safe Sleeping........

toddler sleeping

A few simple reminders and precautions for your baby's safe sleeping and happy dreaming:

Sleeping position tips

  • ‘feet to foot’ is the correct position. Baby’s feet should touch the foot of the cot to prevent sliding down beneath the sheets.
  • babies should lie on their backs to sleep (unless otherwise advised by a health professional)
  • babies old enough to roll over should be allowed to choose their preferred sleeping position

Bedding tips

  • use lightweight bedding in layers so it’s easy to add or remove for optimal body temperature
  • use duvets & quilts with caution as there’s a potential overheating hazard, & only after 12 months
  • remove bumpers when your baby can sit up unaided (you don’t want them acting as a step to freedom or injury!)
  • tuck in all bedding & make sure covers do nott reach above baby’s shoulders
  • remember: one mattress, one child - new chils, new mattress.

Cot & mattress tips

  • check that the drop side of the cot is secure and that your childone hasn’t figured out how to lower it
  • make sure the mattress fits the cot snugly and there are no gaps of greater than 3 cm between the mattress and the cot
  • make sure your baby’s mattress is clean & dry. Regularly rotating it will help extend its life
  • never stick transfers or stickers inside the cot that a baby can reach and make sure mobiles above the cot are well out of reach

Temperature tips

  • make sure your baby’s cot isn’t positioned in sunlight or next to a radiator. A room thermometer positioned above the cot will give you peace of mind
  • a room temperature of around 18°C is ideal
  • check that your baby isn’t too hot or too cold by feeling their neck or body (not hands/feet)

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