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National reflux awareness month. Courtesy of Little Routines.

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June 2015 is national reflux awareness month. Reflux in babies is a very distressing condition. It can be exhausting for the baby as well as the parents.

To help you through this, I have listed ten tips for you.

 1. Seek a medical opinion if you suspect your baby is suffering with reflux. Medication can certainly help with the symptoms. There are several different ones to try, so you will be able to find the right one for your baby.

 2. Please, please don't blame yourself. This condition cannot be prevented so remember it is nothing you have or have not done.

3. Keep your baby as upright as possible during and immediately after feeds.

4. Wind your baby frequently during and at the end of a feed, taking care not to shake your baby up and down.

5. Do not over feed your baby.

6. Raise your baby's sleeping mattress and changing mat, at the head end.

7. Give your baby lots of tummy time to strengthen their neck, arm and back muscles. This will encourage them to turn and roll enabling them to find their own, safe, comfortable sleeping position.

8.  Reflux babies can be unhappy babies. Comfort, cuddle and reassure them but try not to put everything down to reflux. Your baby could be crying for some other reason.

9. Protect areas with a waterproof covering, particularly where you feed your baby.

10. Keep a large supply of muslin squares to hand. Great for mopping up and they wash and dry very easily.

Reflux is only a temporary condition. It does improve as your baby's digestive system matures and is usually completely gone by a year old.

It is extremely messy at times and can certainly make caring for your baby challenging. Going out and about can seem quite daunting. So do ask for help and support. Don't try to battle it alone. Your family and friends will be very understanding if you share the load.

Keep smiling. Babies are extremely resilient and you will still get plenty of smiles and giggles to make it all worthwhile!

Gillian Stewart. Little Routines


10th June 2015, 15:03
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