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How to Change a Baby Boy's Nappy

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Boys can be  rather challenging. Not only are boys challenging to raise, but they also tend to be much more challenging to change. This is because they have a tendency to pee as soon as one removes their nappy. This response is not meant to drive parents mad, although it has occasionally succeeded in that, but it is simply an automatic response that one has to live with. Learning how to correctly change a boy’s nappy can greatly reduce the chances of one being weed on or having to change the nappy more than once.

It is always considered a funny joke to see a parent getting weed on by their baby boy. However, it is not that funny of a joke if you are the parent of that lovely little boy. It is a fact of life. However, there are steps that one can do to prevent getting peed on or having to change the new nappy immediately after putting it on because the baby weed on that one.

When changing a baby boy’s nappy, do not allow the old nappy to fall open. By keeping the nappy raised up, it can form a shield between you and the baby for chance he starts to pee again, and in most cases, he will. Baby boys tend to pee as soon as their male genital hits the air for some reason. Because of the size and the location of the male organs, the pee tends to go up and away from the baby’s body, and has been known to strike the face or chest of the parent doing the changing. To avoid this, hold the nappy over the baby lightly while changing until he releases that urine.

Once he has released his urine from having the nappy removed, remove that nappy and clean the baby off. Be sure to remove any dirty matter that may have travelled up the baby’s back or is stuck between the cheeks of the baby’s bum. This faecal matter can cause urinary infections and can irritate the baby’s skin if left. Be sure to clean the baby’s genitals to remove any urine that may be left on the skin. Urine has an ammonia property and can irritate the skin if left unchecked.

Once the baby is clean, slip the new nappy under his bottom and apply any baby powders or creams that are necessary. These powders help to relieve or prevent nappy rash. Secure the nappy firmly, but without cutting off any circulation to the growing baby’s body. Once the new nappy is on, the baby can be released to resume playing. Be sure to clean up the changing area as it can become unsanitary if left unattended and it will stink if there is any faecal or urinary matter still on the changing table.

It is important that you check the baby boy’s nappy shortly after changing so as to ensure that he has not peed again in the nappy. Even though you waited to see if he was going to pee again while you were changing the nappy, he may have weed shortly after the new nappy was put on him.

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