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Baby Sleep Tips - Help Getting Your Baby to Sleep

baby asleep

• First of all help them learn day and night differentiation. Make them realise that night time is for sleeping. Set a bedtime routine for babies. Wake them early in the morning so they feel sleepy at night.

• Increase daytime feeding for babies so that they don’t feel hungry during night sleep.

• Carry baby in your arms and allow them to relax. This kind of relaxation during the early evening hours will encourage an easy changeover to sleep at night.

• Don’t stop babies having short time day naps. Of course make a balance but don’t believe the misconception that day sleep reduces night sleep.

• If in case baby awakes at night, don’t switch on any bright lights. Open dim lights so that the baby still realises that it is night, the time to sleep.

• Keep the baby's  bedroom dark, quiet and cool. Keep the room temperature moderate and don’t wrap the baby tightly in clothes or blankets.

• Don’t allow anyone to smoke near and around the baby or ever the baby’s room. This makes the baby uncomfortable.

• Always make your baby sleep on his or her back and make sure that the cot and mattress are safe and perfect for the baby. It should not be too hard or too soft. It should be just  comfortable enough for the baby to have a sound sleep.

• Keep just one place for baby’s sleeping area so that the baby gets directly connected to that place. The baby gradually realises that this place is for sleeping.

• Rocking and walking with your baby in your arms only settles down a crying baby. Remember this does not make the baby sleep and even if the baby sleeps, he or she may well wake up when you put the baby in the cot.

• Play soft lullabies to soothe and calm your baby to sleep.

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