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Accessories & Furnishings For A Baby`s Nursery

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Welcoming a baby into your home is an incredible time, full of anticipation and hopes. Setting up a nursery for a much anticipated new member of the family is one of the most exciting parts of preparing. As well as being fun, however, this room often sets the tone for playtime and sleep time, so many people prefer to plan it out very carefully.

There are only a very few basic things that a baby really needs. Somewhere safe to sleep, some basic season appropriate clothes to wear, some nappies (cloth or disposable, this is up to you), transportation (pram or sling or both for different uses can be handy) and a lot of love and physical contact. Although beyond this, there are so many things out there that each expert (and shop!) will tell you is vital for those first few months, ignore them and ask your friends! Every baby and every parent is so different and most of these items will end up never being used!

A safe place to sleep is the first place to start. For the first few months the safest place for your baby to sleep is in your room, significantly reducing the risk of SIDS. If you put a sleeping spot in the nursery for naps or in readiness for a few months time then there are a great many choices. There are traditional wooden cots, beautiful modern designs and even cots that change from a small bassinet to a full sized toddler bed. From the sleek to the intricate there are designs to suit every nursery.

A useful piece of furniture to have is some sort of toy storage! Even if you stick to minimal toys at first, they soon mount up. Think about the tone you want to set for the room as for the child this may well end up being the main focus! You could choose a traditional toy chest, easy to clear away into at the end of each session. Maybe Montessori style open shelving with a section for each sort of toy would suit your needs better, keeping toys in easy reach with a clear system and giving the room an open feel, or there are sets available with multiple drawers. Don`t forget space for books, too, where a small person can easily and safely reach them once they start toddling!

One of the best items you can put in a nursery, or whichever room you will be feeding and rocking to sleep in, is either a glider or a rocking chair. The ultimate in comfort for aching legs at 3am, they are soothing and relaxing with their rhythmic movement and they are great for your back, too. A word of warning, however, some gliders don`t have removable covers for washing. Baby wipes, believe it or not are great at removing most stains, but blankets & throws are your friend for times you know will be messy or when the baby is ill. They are also brilliant for adding a splash of colour and easily changing the tone of the room if you have chosen to decorate in a neutral way, through taste or because you either didn`t know what gender the new addition would be or didn`t care to colour code! Later on they also become amazing tents, picnic rugs on the floor, ships out to sea and all kinds of things to an active toddler or preschooler.
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