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A Good Night's Sleep - Some Helpful Tips


A good night’s sleep for both you and your baby is an essential part of staying healthy but there are a great many things that can disturb it. If your baby is having problems sleeping then do not worry - you are far from being alone as most babies suffer with it at some point in their development. To help, Baby Mattresses Online present some fantastic tips to help your baby or toddler into a healthy, regular sleeping pattern.

It’s Never Too Late (Or Too Early!)

From birth, simple routines designed to induce sleep can be used. Establishing a regular sleeping routine should start when baby is around 4 months old - between this age and 7 months is considered the ideal ‘window’ for sleep training. Children go through ‘sleep regression’ generally between 8 and 10 months so the next ‘window’ is between 11 and 16 months.

Set a Schedule

Making little changes in your baby’s daily routine can have a big impact on sleeping habits. If waking during the night is a problem, for example, try adding an extra feed during the day. Naps should be arranged where possible to not take place to close to bedtime. Stick to the schedule as much as you can - keeping a written log can help and can also show what changes have had a positive impact.

Get the Right Atmosphere

Excessive ambient stimulation, such as the sounds and images from televisions and electronic devices, do not help baby to relax and any sleeping place should always be free of such distractions. Choose soft mood lighting for the nursery, enhanced with a soundtrack of lullabies or natural ambient sounds such as waterfalls or birds - most babies actually prefer this to complete silence when going to sleep. Make sure the room is neither too warm nor too cold and that the baby cot mattress is properly supportive, leaving no gap between it and the cot.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Every baby and every set of circumstances is unique, meaning that any routine can be broken in a much shorter time in which it was established! Teething, illness, bad dreams, wet nappies, growth spurts, sleep regressions: all of these and more can threaten to quickly undo all of your hard work. Do not despair as these and other setbacks are bound to happen -as the saying goes, the best thing to do is Keep Calm and Carry On!

Take a Deep Breath

Help both you and your baby to mellow out by simply slowing down your breathing. Dr Georgia Witkin, author of bestselling The Female Stress Survival Guide, explains that regulating your breathing to a slower, more natural rhythm “sends your baby a signal to be calm”. A good way to get your breathing to a paced, regular speed is to listen to music with a slow tempo, breathing with the rhythm.

Look out for more tips on helping you and your baby get the perfect night’s sleep - coming soon from Baby Mattresses Online.

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