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A Good Night's Sleep

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The Importance of a good night’s sleep for new parents

Having a baby is one of the most fulfilling times of many people’s lives. The chance to be a new parent is an opportunity many people dream of and having that child to take care of brings an indescribable feeling of love. There are so many wonderful memories to be made, milestones to be reached and joy to be felt as your new child grows and learns.  

Unfortunately, for many new parents, it can also be very challenging time as they miss so much sleep as their new baby keeps them awake during the night. This is an inevitable part of parenthood, but is never easy to deal with. It is extremely important for new parents to get a good night’s sleep, however, because they are responsible for a brand new life. New parents must be alert and ready to take care of their new baby. A lack of sleep leaves parents groggy and less alert, which can be a risk for new babies who can be quite unpredictable. So what goes into getting a good night’s sleep you may ask and what can new parents do to overcome the problem? Read on to find out.

 Factors for getting a good night’s sleep

 When you think of the best sleep of your life, what comes to mind? Great bed, quiet room, comfortable surroundings; all are possibilities. It is true that having a new baby can make sleep difficult, but as a new parent you can change your sleeping arrangements to make good sleep more possible.


Start out with your bed; if you are trying to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, you are going to be fighting a losing battle from the start when a baby is in the house. Before your child arrives, upgrade your bed to something more comfortable, whether it’s a luxurious king-size mattress with fluffy white duvet or adjustable mattress so both partners can have their desired firmness. Consider this an investment in your health; you might only catch a few hours of sleep per night for a while, but at least the quality of sleep will be much improved.


You should also try to ensure your room is completely dark in order to have the best quality of sleep possible. Invest in  blackout blinds to keep the light out so you can maximise your hours of sleep during the early years of parenthood. You will find that extra sleep gives you far more energy to cope with your new child. Keeping a tidy house can improve quality of sleep as well,  so spend an extra ten minutes tidying up before bed and you will sleep restfully knowing that you won’t be waking up to a mess.


How to get better sleep


For many new parents it can be difficult to find the time to enjoy a proper sleep, even when conditions are perfect, so talk with your partner about how you can split child care duties to ensure you both get an adequate amount of sleep. You might have to adjust your sleep schedule so you incorporate more naps into your day, as your new baby will sleep intermittently. You should be catching up on your sleep every chance you get.

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