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3 Top Tips to Help Baby Sleep Better

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This adds up to a whopping 44 DAYS spent awake! Making sure baby gets to (and stays!) asleep is an age-old issue for parents but, as well as providing baby with a comfortable, supportive cot mattress that is the foundation of their sleep, there are lots of methods you can try to alleviate the situation - here, Baby Mattresses Online bring you three top tips for a good night’s sleep for baby and you.

Refrain from Entertaining

A baby has no real concept of the time of day but instead responds directly to stimulation and takes their cue from parents and guardians. In the early hours of the morning when baby wakes you up by crying, it can be tempting to calm them down with playful activities. Baby will energetically respond but when it comes time to put them back to sleep, they will be stimulated, awake and unhappy that you are now leaving them.

It is better to act completely calmly, feeding the child if required but limiting your vocal and physical responses to a minimum. As your baby drifts off to sleep, the hypnotic, mesmerising visuals and soft music of our Biscotti Bear Musical Cot Mobile will further help to relax and comfort them.

Get Heat & Light Right

Sleep patterns are governed by many factors and, in children and adults alike, temperature and ambient light play a major role. Magic Blackout Blinds, available from Baby Mattresses Online, offer a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution to the problem of light pollution in the nursery. Check out the product’s YouTube video for a comprehensive explanation in just one minute!

As we fall to sleep, our body temperature lowers as this encourages the best repose. Babies’ temperatures fluctuate more than adults’ and so it is important to get the right balance, preventing baby from overheating while ensuring they do not get too cold. Baby Mattresses Online supply a wide range of baby bedding and cot mattress coverings that are designed to be warm yet breathable, helping you to achieve this delicate equilibrium.

Dream Feed

The Dream Feed is a concept that involves giving your baby a breast- or bottle-feed while they are sleeping - something that seems extremely counter-intuitive! There are lots of people who have tried the method who claim it to be a great success - check out all the available information and advice before trying it for yourself.

Whenever you feed your baby, make sure they are comfortable, relaxed and fully-supported by using one of our quality nursing cushions, available in a wide choice of exciting designs from the subtle to the vibrant. Can’t choose your favourite? Don’t worry - priced at just £14.99, you can afford to buy several to suit yours and baby’s mood.

Its great when we hear from our customers and we invite you to send in your own tips and experiences in getting your child to sleep and keeping them there. With your kind permission, Baby Mattresses Online will share them in our newsletter to help other parents and guardians.
9th September 2015, 9:20
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